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What is the Size of TV That Suits You

Bigger is not necessarily better when it comes to televisions. You have to consider a lot of factors when buying a smart TV. The budget may be something to take note of. A tv online price may be slightly cheaper compared to buying one from a physical store. But before you purchase a TV, you must read this first. This will be your go-to guide when you are thinking of buying a smart TV of a particular size and dimension.

How to Choose the Right TV Size for Your Room


Viewing distance


The first factor that you have to check when choosing the right size for your television is the viewing distance. How far are the viewers from the TV itself? There is a general guideline when it comes to the distance of the television from the eye and the size of the TV. An 80-inch television should have a distance of 6.5 meters from the people watching it. A 77-inch TV should generally have a 6-meter distance. And the 65-inch TV should ideally have a 5-meter horizontal distance. The length gets shorter as the size of the television becomes smaller. And you may find good deals on tv online price for any size that you buy. You have to consider this factor because there is a reality of not seeing the whole picture on a big screen. A big screen is only good as long as you view the whole display. If you do not understand the movie or show that you are watching because you miss some details, you may have a slightly larger screen than is acceptable with the space that you have.




The display resolution of your TV screen refers to the number of pixels that display the color of the image or video that you are watching. When choosing the right TV size for your screen, you should also decide on the higher resolution that the TV displays. You will notice that image resolution is not as big of a deal with smartphones because of the small screen. As the screen gets larger, you will notice that lower-resolution displays tend to show some pixelated parts on the screen. As you buy a bigger TV screen, do not forget to check the resolution of the TV that you are buying.




If you plan on mounting your TV, you must first decide on the size before buying the TV mount. This is because wall mounting brackets have different capacities. Your TV bracket will give in if you buy a small one for a big TV screen.


Personal preference


At the end of the day, it is still your investment and you are still going to decide based on your preference. The factors listed above are just guidelines that will help you have a better viewing experience when you watch movies and TV shows. You can still buy the biggest TVs around if you want. You can also buy smaller TV displays if you feel that it is the right size for the living space of your house. Either way, it is always good to have a television present in the house. You want a big screen that is available anytime your family wants to watch the latest movie or TV show that your media platform offers.





You must consider every aspect of the room as well as the television because it is an electronic appliance that you will be using for a long time. It will also affect the other devices in the house due to the setting up of the room and the moving of the furniture to accommodate the television. The budget is also a consideration. With this in mind, it is better to purchase from online stores. A tv online price is usually offered with good deals.