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Essential Laptop Features That Students Will Benefit From

Laptops were considered more of a luxury for students in the late 90s and early 2000s since they were expensive in those days and seemed to be impractical. However, this is no longer the case today as there are budget-friendly laptop brands that comprise the features and functionalities you are looking for. For today, I will share with you the key pointers that you have to keep in mind in order for you to find the best laptop that improves your productivity at school and keeps you entertained during your downtime like watching streaming apps, social media browsing, and casual gaming.



The very first specification that you have to take into consideration in buying a laptop is the brand's specifications such as the hardware, operating system, camera, and weight. The specifications are important because they ensure that the laptops provide you with the necessary functionalities you need as you go about your school projects and assignments. If the unit is solely for school purposes and mild usages like browsing social media and watching videos, then a laptop with a Celeron microchip would suffice.


But if you are looking for a productivity laptop that is able to play decent gaming as well, then the best brand around is the huawei d 16. It is equipped with Intel's Next-Gen i9 ( processor that is excellent for both work and play. In addition, you will benefit from its high-resolution 1080p camera that is suitable for video conferences.


Weight of the Laptop


It is expected that you will be carrying your laptop as you commute to school or visit the library. Therefore, it is of high importance that you choose a laptop that is thin for portability and a certain weight that allows you to carry it around with great convenience as you move from one place to another.


Battery Capacity


The battery capacity is an important factor especially if you are going to use the laptops in classrooms or in places where there are no wall sockets available. Most laptop brands have at least 3 to 4 hours which is enough time to provide you with productivity in school, taking notes in the classroom, or as you are working on your projects or assignments in the library. The charging time is also an essential consideration so that you can go back to your work as soon as possible. In context, the ideal charging time for laptops is supposed to be at least an hour which should be approximate with the expected usage time of the laptop.


Display Resolution


You may find that the resolution of the laptop's display is the least of your concerns when shopping for a laptop since even cheaper brand varieties have ultra-HD capabilities as well. Therefore, the challenge here is to find display resolutions that are in accordance with your preferred taste. The display should be comfortable and doesn't appear to be straining your eyes as you are working with them. If you frequently use video streaming apps for entertainment, then you may find HD laptops satisfying as you try and enjoy the movie or video clip you are watching.



The features and functionalities of the laptop are an important consideration to bear in mind for students as these factors ultimately determine your overall productivity at school. Again, it all falls down on your specific purpose. For example, if you are particularly using them for school purposes and not so much for gaming, then a lower-end laptop that is capable of running basic productivity applications would serve you well for that matter. Nevertheless, the factors that you have to look for in buying a laptop include the specifications, battery capacity, weight of the unit, and display resolution, just to name a few of them.