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What is the Role of New Media Operations in the Development of Enterprises?

New media operation refers to the organic combination of traditional media and the Internet to carry out brand communication and publicity through various digital media means, such as social software. For businesses, new media operations have many benefits. So, in this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of new media adoption for businesses.


The Benefits of New Media Operations


Brand Promotion

Brand promotion can be easily achieved by means of new media communication. Enterprises can publish brand publicity videos, stories, cooperation cases, and other content to increase brand awareness and improve brand reputation. In addition, through the social nature of new media, users can interact directly with the brand, enhancing the brand's reputation and influence.


Target Customer Maintenance

Through new media operations, enterprises can better interact with target customers and maintain customer relationships. Through accurate positioning and marketing, enterprises can provide target customers with products and services more in line with their needs, and at the same time, they can understand the feedback and opinions of target customers through social media, and then improve their own products and services.


Market Research

New media operations can also be used as a means of market research. Through social media, companies can understand the preferences, needs, and problems of their target customers, while also monitoring the dynamics of competitors and market trends. This information is very helpful for business development and marketing decisions.


Marketing Strategy Optimization

New media operations can help enterprises better understand target customers, and adjust and optimize marketing strategies. By tracking and optimizing landing pages and campaigns, companies can increase conversion rates and sales. In addition, the real-time feedback nature of new media can also help enterprises monitor marketing effects in real time and adjust marketing strategies in a timely manner.


Precise Delivery

Big data makes users' consumption interests and habits transparent, which also provides strong data support for new media operations, and advertisements can be accurately delivered to effective groups to quickly acquire potential customers. In addition, with the help of new media operations, users have concentrated on a certain platform "fishpond", and corporate marketing activities can be quickly exposed and spread.


Marketing Costs and Effectiveness

The cost of new media-style operation is low. In addition to accurate paid advertising, a large number of free promotion channels and platforms, which is the traditional media beyond the advantages. As long as these platforms can be effectively used, once they are fully broken out, the value brought to the enterprise is unlimited. For an enterprise, doing new media operations can better hear the voice of consumers, and understand what they need and what they do not need, and it is also a further improvement of the utilization of social resources. From the perspective of communication, new media undertakes the functions of brand publicity and marketing of enterprises. Its fast communication speed enables the information of enterprises to be transmitted to consumers in the shortest time, so it also undertakes the functions of news and public relations of enterprises. The timeliness and interaction of new media make enterprises and consumers closely linked together, which makes it more convenient for enterprises to manage and collect customer data, and it also better assumes the function of customer service.


Specific Forms of Expression and Their Respective Characteristics

Mobile media is the most popular, fastest, most convenient, and most mandatory platform among all media forms at present, and its operating space will be huge. Advertising on mobile media comes in many forms, focusing on apps that have a large number of users and are highly targeted or relevant. Many handset makers, such as Huawei, work with advertisers to place ads among their large customer and app user bases. What's more, it's partnering with AppsFlyer\appflyer to achieve reasonably safe operations. Give cooperators visibility into campaign performance, scale app installs, and maximize customer LTV with a new standard of privacy-enhancing measurement and deep linking solutions.



To sum up, new media operation plays an indispensable role in the development of enterprises. It can help enterprises achieve brand promotion, target customer maintenance, market research, and marketing strategy optimization, and improve the market competitiveness and traffic conversion rate of enterprises. Therefore, enterprises must pay attention to the use of various means of new media operation in the business process, brand building, and marketing promotion, in order to better create the market and improve the reputation and influence of enterprises.