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HONOR Magic 5 Pro: Top-of-the-line Flagship Phone

As a long-preheated flagship phone, the HONOR Magic 5 series has attracted much attention, and the launch was previously announced at the MWC Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. HONOR Magic 5 Pro is a professional series of mobile phones, with high-quality configuration, in this blog, we will discuss the design and performance of HONOR Magic 5 Pro, want to buy this phone customers can see if you like it or not.

Top Flagship Phone


Eye of Muse (Camera)

As a unique design style of the HONOR Magic series, the Eye of the Muse has been well-received by consumers since its first appearance. The Eye of Muse 3.0 is a comprehensive upgrade based on the previous game, compared to the star ring style of the previous generation, the HONOR Magic 5 Pro highlights the arrangement of image modules. It is understood that such a star-wheel three-shot layout is inspired by the galactic center black hole, which is the most familiar picture of the black hole that exploded. Three main photography designs, each lens is a top match. Among them, the wide-angle main camera uses a 50 million wide-angle lens and 1/1.12-inch outsole sensor; The super wide-angle main shot uses a 1/2-inch sensor to support 122° super-wide Angle and 2.5cm super macro. The submersible telephoto part uses a 50-megapixel lens that supports 3.5X optical zoom and 100X maximum digital zoom.


Front Camera

HONOR Magic5 Pro still uses the classic oval front Camera design, in addition to a 12MP pixel front super wide-Angle camera, there is a 3D Depth Camera, that can achieve a more secure face unlock, which is currently one of the few flagship features. In terms of screen size, the HONOR Magic 5 Pro uses a 6.81-inch OLED screen that supports 120Hz high brush and adaptive dynamic refresh rate, and up to 2160Hz high-frequency PWM dimming to protect your eyes.


Curved Screen

The HONOR Magic5 Pro uses a four-curve screen design, so it feels good to hold, and compared to the usual micro curved screen, the HONOR Magic 5 Pro has better visual effects. In terms of brightness, thanks to the use of the second-generation screen concentration technology, the HONOR Magic 5 Pro can achieve a global brightness of up to 1300nit and a peak brightness of 1800nit, with a resolution of 2848x1312 and a color accuracy of ΔE≈0.27. Thanks to the super dynamic color display, the image and video look of the HONOR Magic 5 Pro is taken to the next level.



In terms of CPU, the HONOR Magic 5 Pro is equipped with the new Qualcomm second-generation Snapdragon 8 mobile platform, AI energy efficiency has been improved by 60%, and CPU multi-core performance has also made great progress. In addition to the gaming support brought by the powerful hardware system, the HONOR Magic 5 Pro's GPU Turbo X also plays a crucial role.


Large Battery, Full Battery Life

The phone is equipped with a 5100mAh large-capacity battery to ensure long battery life and ensure the user's use needs for a day. In terms of charging, the HONOR Magic 5 Pro is equipped with 66W fast charging, which takes only 54 minutes to charge from 0 to 100%, and also supports wireless supercharging up to 50W, which is convenient and fast, and there is no need to worry about slow charging speed.



As a high-configuration mobile phone, HONOR Magic 5 Pro is a good interpretation of what is called "appearance level and internal coexistence", with advanced mobile phone hardware, but also has a beautiful appearance, Muse eye is also different, with the mystery of the universe. If you want to buy this phone, you need nothing but to purchase it immediately!